Sanctuary of Hope needs landlords with a heart to house young adults who are part of the Rapid Rehousing Program. The goal of the short and medium term rental assistance program is to assist young adults who are at-risk of or who are already experiencing homelessness to reintegrate in the community by helping them obtain or maintain safe, affordable housing. Additionally, the young adults are linked to mainstream, community-based services they need to succeed in life.

Reejuante enjoys the comforts of home thanks to a landlord who accepted the Rapid Rehousing Program.  She was living in a  tent off the 110 freeway and from time-to-time stayed in places that had no utilities while attending school and looking for work.  In the program, Reejuante secured a job and an apprenticeship through linkages to local employment resources.   Now, her life illuminates with hope as she is able to rest, relax, and study in her studio apartment.

Benefits for Landlords


  • Security Deposits
  • Holding Fees
  • “Smart” Renters
  • Subsidy Payments
  • 24/7 Landlord Hotline
  • Satisfaction Helping Others

Prospective Landlord Requirements


  • Inspection for basic habitability
  • Verification of Ownership by Deed or Current Property Tax Bill
  • Completion of W-9
  • Verification of comparable rents (done by agency)

Give housing and hope by listing your units with us and renting to our young adults! Contact us for more information at [email protected] or 323-786-2413.