Sanctuary of Hope (SOH) is celebrating Black History month with an eye-catching front yard installation at their Adams center located 4003 W. Adams on the corner of 10th and Adams.

Thirty-five illustrated images & photos recognize popular global, national, state, and local Black cultural icons among youth and young adults. Some featured notables include Vice President Kamala Harris, L.A. County Supervisor Holly Mitchell, Colin Kaepernick, Nipsey Hussle, Amanda Gorman, Bishop Charles Blake, Reverend James Lawson, Biddy Mason, Reverend Cecil Murray, Ryan Coogler, and many more. “This installation acknowledges decades of intergenerational contributions to innovation, activism, civil rights, and pop culture in our nation and the City of Los Angeles in faith, sports, politics, film, and science,” stated Janet Denise Kelly, Executive Director of Sanctuary of Hope. “Passerby’s have been gracious with their donations, honks, and picture taking.”

Sanctuary of Hope (SOH) provides youth development and human services to vulnerable youth and young adult populations between the ages of 16-25, who are homeless, foster care, at-promise, or low-income in South Los Angeles and the South Bay. The agency has served over 4,000 youth since 2010 through their basic needs, housing, and education support programs.