Tiavanna is a great example of “meeting youth where they are” and allowing youth the opportunity to make individual choices about their future.

Tiavanna is SOH’s most recent Rapid Rehousing move-in. She began working with Adams’ Rapid Rehousing staff, Jaffery to secure housing in July.  An unexpected personal challenge and life barrier prevented Tiavanna from prioritizing housing as a solution to her housing crisis. She decided to focus on employment to shore up her income and become better prepared for permanent housing.

After a couple months of consistent employment, Tiavanna was ready to work towards her housing goal.  This consisted of creating a housing stability plan, budgeting, life skills, and weekly check-ins for housing search and location coaching and identifying potential apartment units.

It’s been a month now that Tiavanna is in her own apartment and working full-time. She enjoys her new space by painting, drawing, and crafting.  We wish Tiavanna the best and look forward to her becoming a homeowner in a few years – that is her next goal.