The journey is the destination for Ty’Quan who recently graduated from carpentry training this month.  Coming to California from South Carolina with a dream for a better life, he encountered what many young people his age do when they come to the Golden State – affordability.  As his financial resources dried up, he began to seek rest and manage life on the trains until someone advised him to seek housing and get connected to SOH. Since his connection to SOH’s Rapid Rehousing program, he has been on an accelerated career pathway to resiliency.  The first step has been the completion of a carpentry training program to increase his marketability and earning potential.  

“I have nothing but great things to say about Ty’Quan.  Everyone who meets him can see his potential.  He takes initiative to be one step ahead of you and that’s an admirable thing.  He wants so much out of life and is going for it.  His carpentry trainer spoke highly of him and was impressed with his dedication and knowledge. Ty’Quan is ready to take on the world with his tools,” said Griselda Mata, Rapid Rehousing Life Coach.