FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 30, 2020

Media Contact:
Janet Denise Kelly, Sanctuary of Hope

Sanctuary of Hope Uses Front Yard to Activate the Community to Vote and Participate in the Census

Sanctuary of Hope, a local nonprofit youth development and human service organization for Transitional Age Youth, has transformed the front yard of its location at 4003 West Adams Blvd in Los Angeles into a wildly eye-catching “Voter and Census 2020” Call to Action.

The intent of the project is to activate the community to be more engaged in the Census and Voting and understand the importance of both.

“Young adult voters and those voting for the first time in 2020 can be one of the most influential voting blocs in the country. If we can get them excited and civically engaged, we can move the needle with the candidates and policies that we need to change this country,” stated Janet Kelly, Founder & Executive Director of Sanctuary of Hope. “We’ve gotten a great response from the community–many honks from passing cars, picture takers and residents walking up to take ask questions. We know we’re getting the message across,” added Ms. Kelly.

The Sanctuary of Hope, celebrating 10 years of service, is not only raising the message of voter engagement and Census participation but will be highlighting Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October and Homeless Youth Awareness Month in November.

Sanctuary of Hope (SOH) provides housing and education stabilization services to vulnerable youth and young adult populations between the ages of 16-25, who are homeless, foster care, at-promise, or low-income in South Los Angeles and the South Bay. The agency has served over 4,000 youth since 2010 through their basic needs, housing, and education support programs.

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