The SOH team is always inspired by the resiliency of young adults to achieve their educational goals.  This was such for Adam who was ready to transfer to a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Through his hard work and perseverance, he was accepted to a number of HBCUs and chose Grambling State University – his dream school.

Getting to Grambling and securing housing was not an easy.   With the help of local Grambling alumni and coordinated efforts of Grambling alumni in Louisiana and the staff of Brotherhood Crusade, Adam received transportation and housing assistance to ensure his stability once he arrived.  An SOH scholarship covered required books for his courses while waiting for financial aid.

Adam’s life coach checks in on him regularly to provide ongoing support.   Adam had these words to share,

“ I greatly appreciate the great impact that the Sanctuary of Hope has had on my quality of life and personal growth. I have confronted many obstacles as I continue to make progress and tackle adulthood. Overcoming those obstacles have provided the lessons and experience needed to evolve into the young man I am today, revealing my community of support and love.
Sanctuary of Hope has encouraged me to better myself and has provided me with the tools to help me continue to build my healthy foundation. Education is an integral component to my healthy foundation and overall success. I appreciate Sanctuary of Hope for giving me so much and supporting me through my transition.”