Crenshaw Chamber Holiday

The Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce selected SOH to be beneficiaries of their annual holiday celebration. Thanks to the Chamber and their partners LA METRO, Walshea, and LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ Office, attendees came bearing gifts and expressions of love for SOH’s youth. SOH’s youth participated in the evening’s event and were able to enjoy a heart-filled holiday season.  Over $1,1oo of gifts card and gifts were collected and distributed to our youth.

CUSPEvery year, CUSP (Committed to Uplifting Single Parents) selects single parent families that need a hand up during the holiday season.  The past three years, CUSP has ensured that SOH’s single parent families delight in the joy of the holiday season by bringing gifts and helping parents partake in purchasing gifts for their children.  Edwin, a single father with fraternal boy and girl twins, said, “These gifts helped me out a lot.  I’ve had a very stressful and challenging fall and very little money.  Having the ability to give back to my children through others gives me hope that I have a better future ahead.”