SOH Needs You For A Housewarming

Welcome Home 2Urgent Call to Action!!!!

Sanctuary of Hope will be housing two formerly homeless young adults in the next week through our new Rapid Rehousing Collaboration. This is a momentous occasion for us because these two have been homeless for six months; and now will have the stability of a home to make their life complete.

A house or apartment is not a home unless you have the necessary incidentals to make it one. We are looking for a church, social club or association, or corporation that will sponsor a “Welcome Home – Housewarming Gift” basket.

With all of our Housewarming Gift baskets, we ask the preparer to include an inspirational note. Below is a list of suggested items. If you are interested, email us at, or call us at 323-786-2413.

Welcome Home Basket (new items)

Laundry Basket
Ironing Board

Target or Walmart Gift Card $50 minimum (so youth can purchase their bed linen and comforter)
Dish set
Dish towels
Bathroom furnishings

Trash Can
Hangers (Plastic)
Broom/Dust Pan
Inspirational Note