Tomorrow Is a 2nd Chance

Life always offers us a second chance, it’s called tomorrow. Sanctuary of Hope’s Family Connect – Connect LA program helped to send 24 year old Alejandro back home to Louisville, Kentucky with his biological father and uncle.

For many youth, Los Angeles seems like the place to find yourself when you don’t feel ‘seen’ at home. Alejandro landed at The Good Seed Shelter where he was referred to our Family Connect program.

Charting a path to housing stability and to re-unite with his family, Alejandro stayed at SOH’s Bridge Housing where he was able to plan for school, increase his income, and work on his personal development.

Alejandro’s father was reluctant to receive him back home until he addressed issues that lead to their intense family conflict. The Family Connect team provided Alejandro with hand-to-hand engagement,daily check-ins, job resources, wellness information, and mentorship. Our life coach, Myson Way, helped to address the conflict through individual and family action planning to gel the family together.

What a difference tomorrow makes. Alejandro has now improved his self confidence, his ability to adapt to living among his peers, the value of self control, and strengthened his overall ability to be independent.

While we are happy to have had the pleasure of knowing Alejandro, his father and uncle are happy he is back home and on the road to becoming self-sufficient and prosperous. Alejandro is now a full-time employee at store, contributing to his responsibilities in the household, and committed to following through on the family unification plan. “Glad to be back home,” says Alejandro.

Glory is not in ever failing, but in rising every time we fall. To-date, we have reunified 14 youth with their families. To learn more about our Family Connect – Connect LA program and resources to help homeless or at-risk youth experiencing homelessness due to family conflict, contact Tiana Brown at