Life is not easy for youth who must make hard choices to uproot and leave toxic family and childhood situations.  Amore left home from another state in search of solace and well-being. What she found in her leap to Los Angeles was a place of unknowns and feelings of uncertainty about what to expect next.

Unfortunately for Amore, her first introduction to Los Angeles was not a warm bed and people with whom she could spend time.  She spent nights on the streets without shelter or sense of direction of where to go until she found Hope Link Bridge Housing.

It’s amazing what stable housing can do for a youth who needs a hand up. 

Amore with assistance of the Hope Link Bridge Housing staff was able to do a lot of little things to be on a path to resiliency.  She secured an identification card, learned to navigate Los Angeles’ transit system, and obtained a job at CVS Pharmacy.

Even more, her social and emotional well-being didn’t stop with stable housing. It grew larger with the additional resources she has engaged in to improve her self-awareness and financial fitness.  She completed a financial literacy cohort with Operation Hope and participated in some “life lessons” workshops to prepare for upcoming life transitions. 

She is undeniably changed by having a purpose-driven life thanks to the many cheerleaders in her corner.