Jose had been experiencing homelessness along with his family since the age of 7. Mr. Rodriguez lived in cars, emergency shelters, transitional housing, and downtown Skid Row area. Jose experienced what no young adult should ever- separation from family. Jose’s father was deported back to Mexico leaving behind Jose, his younger brother and sister.

Jose faced unprecedented circumstances that disrupted his ability to have a strong foothold on advancing beyond his homelessness. Jose worked with our Hope Connections South Bay ICMS Case Manager Jeremy to start the process of ending his homelessness for good. The first step was the reinstatement of Jose’s Housing Choice Voucher because he lost it due to his homelessness and not being able to be contacted. The second was getting engaged in housing navigation, housing stabilization, and case management.

In spite of Jose’s lack of a home, he remained optimistic and employed. Next month, Jose will be permanently housed and in an apartment of his own for his family. He exclaimed, “Jeremy is this even real. This is too good to be true.”

Jose’s story is not unique and common among youth who lose family members to deportation. We are happy to be a safety net that offers support and services that will assist young people like Jose to have a hopeful future.